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What is ItalWA?

ItalWA stands for Italians in Western Australia and includes the Community of Italians and Italo-Australians in Western Australia. The group’s purpose is to build a solid network of close-knit people willing to offer their free time, skills and knowledge to assist other Members and help with day-to-day challenges.

Our mission consists in promoting Italian culture in Australia and the collaboration between people, groups and organisations. Aiming at meeting the needs of immigrants in Australia, we offer advice and provide useful training and tools to encourage inclusion and integration within the Australian community.


A short introduction

ItalWA’s focus areas are:


Italian culture

Promoting the Italian culture and living style in Australia.


Activities & events

Organising courses, activities, meetings, events, theme parties.


Welcoming newcomers and encouraging their inclusion.



Creating connections between newcomers and residents already settled and older generations of Italians living in WA
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Andrea Pastacaldi

Founder & Business Development Manager

I was born and raised in a small town in Tuscany, close to the mountains and not too far away from the sea, just a step away from the beautiful Tuscan hills and deeply immersed in the artistic and cultural heritage that the world envies us Italians. How lucky, right?

Growing up, I soon realised that Italy was no longer the right place for me: I was missing something, I didn’t feel happy nor complete. Through my first travels abroad, both on vacation and for work, the idea of ​​leaving everything behind and starting a new adventure in a different country grew in me and became more and more real over time. Thus, I reluctantly decided to leave my dear parents, friends and relatives -to whom I am very attached- and a permanent job, to choose my own path.

When I started looking around searching for the place to go, I considered many countries, both in Europe and overseas, and I found myself choosing the country that is the furthest away from home. Back in those days, there weren't Facebook groups available to share ideas and get in touch with those who already live in a place and can advise you on life styles and real opportunities far from home. And perhaps this increased the desire and curiosity to discover new places.

Australia was described in blogs and travel guides as the perfect land for opportunities, with its easy-going lifestyle, fantastic weather, and friendly people. Could you wish for anything better? It’s true, it really is a faraway land and not everything is bells and whistles, but I immediately felt that the lifestyle is, as far as I'm concerned and for what I've seen around the world, truly enviable! And this is a reality I can definitely confirm after 10 years spent in this beautiful country.

During the year I spent in Australia with a Working Holiday visa I repainted and transformed my van into a mobile home and traveled through almost the entire coast, visiting the country's main cities and attractions. I stopped here and there, sometimes for a few days or even a few hours, other times for months.
This was a unique adventure and a beautiful experience that I strongly advise everyone to live and feel!

When I arrived in Western Australia, I was immediately struck by the wilderness, the miles of red land and pristine beaches, the natural parks, environmental friendly, with less tourists than the East coast.I then arrived in Fremantle, where I camped for a few weeks, and for the first time I felt that I had found the place where I wanted to start a new life. However, I decided to continue the journey and complete the tour reaching Melbourne and heading back to Italy via Indonesia - which was another unforgettable trip.

I spent a year in Italy, in my father's workshop, learning the trade that has been passed down in my family for generations. He is an artisan blacksmith, a blacksmith with 50 years of experience plus the one inherited from my grandfather. I set out to learn and refine some fabrication techniques, I earned a certificate as a welder, and I repacked my bags to leave once again.

This time with more practical goals: I wanted to settle in Australia, in the Fremantle area, and, thanks to my technical skills in the iron sector and the creativity I brought with me from Italy, I wanted to obtain a visa for permanent residency . After a year, I finally found a sponsor, and after another two years I achieved my goal, I became a Permanent Resident!

The road has not been easy, I have had to make sacrifices, adapt to situations that sometimes were not entirely pleasant, but the effort and commitment have been worth it. Now I run a successful business, I enjoy my job which allows me to meet and support newcomers. I have friends from all over the world and I live 10 minutes away from the Indian Ocean.

I feel free and full of drive to achieve my dreams and projects underway. I try to enjoy everyday life and plan for the future. I am very happy with the decisions I have made so far, some of them which required a lot of courage, others that were easier and made with loads of spontaneity, and I have to thank this country for welcoming me with open arms. Today, I am proud to be an Australian Citizenand consider myself very lucky to be born in Italy, my home country and a country I love very dearly.

Carlotta Ongarato

Event Photographer & Social Media Manager

“Since for the great desire I had to see fair Padua, nursery of arts, I am arrived… and am to Padua come, as he that leaves a shallow plash to plunge him in the deep and with satiety seeks to quench his thirst.”
(The Taming of the Shrew - act I - scene I)

This is how Shakespeare was describing my hometown, the city I was born in and decided to leave in 2017 with a working visa to explore one of the greatest cities in the world: Melbourne!

I have always loved traveling, so after less than a month spent in Melbourne, I left to visit the Australian East Coast, and from Brisbane I then left the ocean behind to dive into the red heart of Australia: Alice Springs, where I lived and worked in a cattle station for almost a year. Such a unique experience!

Almost at the end of my first working holiday visa, I decided to move from the cattle station I loved so much to the West Coast, which was a completely unknown land to me.

From Alice Springs I headed north on the road that bisects the Australian continent, the Stuart Highway.

In Katherine I reluctantly said goodbye to the Northern Territory and in Kununurra I arrived in Western Australia for the first time.

After driving through Broome, Port Headland, Exmouth, Carnarvon and Geraldton, I finally arrived in Perth - the city I've been calling "home" since 2019.

My other great passion is photography.
I started practicing photography in Italy and fell in love with it even more when I moved down-under.

Australia is a country that offers great opportunities in all fields, so I decided to give myself a chance to turn my beloved passion into a profession.

So far, I have mainly worked as an event photographer, but also tried food and travel photography.

In 2019 I also met Andrea, with whom I've had the pleasure to work with several times thanks to my love for photography and social media.


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