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What is ItalWA?

ItalWA stands for Italians in Western Australia and includes the Community of Italians and Italo-Australians in Western Australia. The group’s purpose is to build a solid network of close-knit people willing to offer their free time, skills and knowledge to assist other Members and help with day-to-day challenges.

Our mission consists in promoting Italian culture in Australia and the collaboration between people, groups and organisations. Aiming at meeting the needs of immigrants in Australia, we offer advice and provide useful training and tools to encourage inclusion and integration within the Australian community.

ItalWA Volleyball

One of our initiatives that has made us most proud is certainly forming our volleyball team. We must thank Francesca for her idea to create a Facebook page for the ItalWA volleyball team

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Traditional Italian Dances

Let’s dance with the WA Tarantella Academy The WA Tarantella Academy was born from the desire to share our traditions and cultural heritage, aiming to spread Italian folk dances in WA

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The Freo Sunset Party

In 2013 ItalWa wasn't born yet, but we like to think that everything started with the Freo Sunset Party . The Freo Sunset Party was a true challenge - not only was this the first time

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