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In the past few years, since the birth of ItalWA, which took place around 2014, we have organised many parties and events to promote socialisation and integration between Italians and Australians.

In the beginning, almost all events were held at theFremantle Italian Club. The name of the night changed, but the format was very similar each time: affordable price, 1 meal (food and drink) included in the price, and some live music with Italian artists and local bands. Later, we started to organise events in Perth and surrounding areas as well.

What we are most proud of is the fact that we have managed to create an atmosphere of cooperation, caring, sharing and support.
Andrea Pastacaldi
Founder and Business Development Manager
It's been fantastic to be able to create opportunities to gather and meet others giving the opportunity to get to know new people, integrate and make new friends to feel a bit more at home.
Marzia Gastaldi
WA Italian Club Events Coordinator

Within a couple of years we have:

  • Introduced the Aperitivo and served hundreds of Spritz to so many people who had never heard of it before;
  • Offered genuine dishes from the Italian peasant cuisine, sticking to our traditions to rediscover its authenticity which we have somewhat forgotten in modern times;
  • Organised folk dances shows, where our Italian passion has greatly impressed the locals;
  • Celebrated Ferragosto (August 15) and recalled the meaning of important Italian National Holidays such as April 25 and May 1. Ferragosto comes in winter time here in Australia and many other important national dates are not known nor celebrated here;
  • Enjoyed good music by local artists who were able to perform during our events and make themselves known within the local community;
  • Brought the Italian Club to the attention of many who until then knew nothing about it. A very nice lady once told us that it had been at least 20 years since they had seen so many young people at the Club!
  • Organised language and cultural exchange program meetings with young students from all over the world, including South America, New Zealand, Africa, Japan, Europe and also remote islands in the Pacific;
  • Organised a donation-based admission night and donated the proceeds to Freo Street Doctor, an association of volunteer doctors who provide assistance and care to the homeless and marginalised people of our society.

With the aim of meeting, integrating, sharing, creating new friendships and connections, just like our passion for VOLLEYBALL, we continue to organise parties and events. If you have something interesting in mind and think we could help you organise it, don't hesitate to contact us. Photos and pictures of our past events can be found in our FACEBOOK ALBUMS. If you want to have a look at the events we have already held, check out our NEWS, otherwise visit our EVENTS CALENDAR to see what we have planned for the coming months.


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